Spindle variable speed from 80 to 800rpm.
It is recommended if the operator uses PLATES with abrasives, brushes, felt, diamonds etc, the PLANETARY HEAD with abrasives, brushes etc., and other equipments

Standard model :
  • a column to be fixed onto the FLOOR
  • MOTEL: electrical 45 cm vertical travel
  • 80/800 rpm variable speed spindle
  • (15 HP) 11 kW spindle motor
  • PNEULIFT: pneumatic pressure device to regulate the working pressure and the spindle fast lifting
  • GM spindle: can mount all kinds of equipments
  • no.1 ball and socket JOINT complete with mount
  • no.1 four-satellite PLANETARY HEAD
  • no.4 abrasive holders (to your choice: screw or terzago mount)
  • standard fittings

Optional :
  • PLATES: available in several diameters; FLAT, for FRANKFURT (see photo), for MUNCHEN (see photo),
  • mount for core drill, mount for ALGO holders etc.

for marble and similar materials.

It is the same machine as COLUMNA S3, but supplied without planetary head that, if necessary, can be purchased at a later date

The JOINT can be removed and the machine is suitable for the installation of equipment of various kinds such as the mount for core-drills, the mount for ALGO holders, the PLANETARY HEAD, etc.