Non detachable Super floor polishing machine with two spindles, for medium, large and very large surfaces of marble terrazzo, cement, quartz+resin granite, porphyry, porcelain gres, etc..
The operator can effortlessly control the machine working movements by means of a joystick this machine can work both with swinging and straightforward passes.
Not only has this model the powered wheels inside the side panels just like TURBO AV, and therefore can work alongside walls with straightforward passes thereby reducing working time, but its performance is further enhanced by the possibility to change continuously the speed of both spindle and wheel: the proper regulation of these speeds will enable the operator to reach the wanted finishing degree in a shorter time

Standard model:
  • Ø290 mm POWERED WHEELS with continuous 2 to 40 rpm speed regulation by means of a potentiometer
  • no. 2 HP 10+10 spindle motors with independent rotation direction with 320 to 700 rpm continuously variable speed by means of potentiometer
  • MOTEL: electrical uplifting with personalized speed to change abrasives, etc..
  • automatic phase sequence adjustment
  • removable ROD "Antenna" and 20 m cable
  • no.2 JOINTS complete with mount
  • no. 2 Ø425 mm mega-holder
  • no. 2 Ø325 mm holder
  • no.1 four-satellite PLANETARY HEAD for clockwise rotation
  • no.1 four-satellite PLANETARY HEAD for anti-clockwise rotation
  • no. 4 right terzago mount
  • no. 4 left terzago mount
  • standard fittings

  • PLATES: available in several diameters; FLAT, for FRANKFURT, for MUNCHEN etc..
  • second remote control panel with an extension cable
  • second remote/mobile push-button strip with radio control


It is the same machine as gemini TURBO VIP , but supplied without planetary heads that, if necessary, can be purchased at a later date.